Some of my favourite quotes, wisdoms, nuggets, and words I allow through into my private room where I keep my thoughts locker.


‘Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.’ - Ray Bradbury

‘The hard part about writing a novel is finishing it.’ - Ernest Hemingway

‘It's none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way.’ - Ernest Hemingway

‘I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.’ - Joan Didion

‘There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it's like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.’ - Ernest Hemingway

‘I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.’ - Anne Frank

‘You must keep sending work out; you must never let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head off in a drawer. You send that work out again and again, while you're working on another one. If you have talent, you will receive some measure of success - but only if you persist.’ - Isaac Asimov

‘I am simply of the opinion that you cannot be taught to write. You have to spend a lifetime in love with words.’ - Craig Claiborne

‘If you show someone something you've written, you give them a sharpened stake, lie down in your coffin, and say, ‘When you’re ready’.’- David Mitchell, Black Swan Green

‘When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.’ - Ernest Hemingway

‘Don't say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.’- Mark Twain

‘Do you suffer when you write? I don't at all. Suffer like a bastard when don't write, or just before, and feel empty and fucked out afterwards. But never feel as good as while writing.’ - Ernest Hemingway

‘To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man.’ - Aristotle

‘You can't blame a writer for what the characters say.’ - Truman Capote

‘Don't get it right - get it WRITTEN!’ - Lee Child

‘It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.’ - Friedrich Nietzsche

‘Always mystify, torture, mislead, and surprise the audience as much as possible.’ - Don Roff

‘If a writer stops observing he is finished. Experience is communicated by small details intimately observed.’ - Ernest Hemingway

‘The author must keep his mouth shut when his work starts to speak.’ - Friedrich Nietzsche

‘When I begin to doubt my ability to work the word, I simply read another writer and know I have nothing to worry about. My contest is only with myself, to do it right, with power, and force, and delight, and gamble.’ - Charles Bukowski

‘Every writer I know has trouble writing. ‘ - Joseph Heller

‘Write every day, line by line, page by page, hour by hour. Do this despite fear. For above all else, beyond imagination and skill, what the world asks of you is courage, courage to risk rejection, ridicule and failure. As you follow the quest for stories told with meaning and beauty, study thoughtfully but write boldly. Then, like the hero of the fable, your dance will dazzle the world.’ - Robert McKee

‘If you want to be a writer, you have to write every day... You don't go to a well once but daily. You don't skip a child's breakfast or forget to wake up in the morning...’ - Walter Mosley

‘I like to get ten pages a day, which amounts to 2,000 words. That’s 180,000 words over a three-month span, a goodish length for a book — something in which the reader can get happily lost, if the tale is done well and stays fresh.’ - Stephen King


My Quotes
‘If you want to kill your piece, then describe the story to others before it’s written.’ – NEC